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Process Payments through Worldpay US and JotForm

June 15, 2017

JotForm and Worldpay US

We’re excited to offer our newest integration with Worldpay US, which allows you to process payments through any online form. While Worldpay has long been available as a payment option to our United Kingdom users, Worldpay US makes it an option to all of our US-based users, as well!


Worldpay US turns your form into a powerful tool for processing online credit card payments. Using JotForm’s new integration with Worldpay US, you can simultaneously collect payments while gathering important customer or client information. This comes in handy for registrations, selling products through your form, and collecting donations and fees. 


Worldpay US Key Features: 

  • Simple refund management
  • Real-time dashboard with order data
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Flexible pricing based on your business needs


Check out a demo form hereAnd below is a quick guide on how to get started using this integration. 


1) From the form builder, find the Worldpay US icon under the payments tab (not to be confused with our Worldpay UK option). 


worldpay and jotform


2) To connect your Worldpay US account, enter your Secure Net ID, Secure Key, and Public Key - contact Worldpay to have JotForm added to your merchant account.


worldpay setup


3) Set your pricing and product description. 


worldpay us


4) Start selling! That’s all it takes to create a fully functional and secure payment form for your business. 


Have you created a payment form with JotForm yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below! 


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