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  • There’s a whole new world of possibilities for your online forms. Now that JotForm integrates with IFTTT, you can seamlessly connect your forms with hundreds of the web’s most popular applications. 

    IFTTT is a free service that enables you to get more mileage out of the services you use and love. For JotForm users, IFTTT lets you automatically create cards in Trello, post messages on Slack, create a note in Evernote, and much more -- straight from your form submissions.

    IFTTT and JotForm

  • Joining a club is a great way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in your community. By offering a built-in social network of like-minded individuals who get together for the same cause or reason, clubs are an enjoyable way of doing what you love with others. Whether your club is a recreational sports league, a networking group for professionals of a certain industry, or a book club, every club is tasked with increasing membership and retaining members. Let’s dive in and discuss actionable steps you can take to achieve these goals. 

  • Midtown Educational Foundation is standing proof of what a community of dedicated people can achieve when they rally behind a cause. For Midtown, a nonprofit organization, the goal is to help low-income Chicago youth get on pathways of success through enrichment and academic programming, which the organization does through two separate operations: the Midtown Center for Boys, and the Metro Achievement Center for Girls. 

  • By the time Giving Tuesday rolls around, you’ve completed your gift-giving duties to your friends and family, your little cousins got new toys, cozy slippers and gift baskets were presented, and boxes of chocolates were had by all. Now, in the spirit of feeling thankful and charitable, it is time for companies and individuals to donate to worthy causes. Whether your company is collecting donations to a chosen foundation or holding an event for a cause, using an effective, no-fee donation form like those created with JotForm are important for maximizing donations that go straight to charity. Read on for tips on how to create a donation form that delivers. 

  • There’s an easier, more professional way to create forms than by using MS Word -- and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. JotForm’s been in the form business for over a decade, offering a drag-and-drop form builder that requires zero technical experience. And as many Microsoft Word users have found, it’s the perfect upgrade for creating forms. 

    microsoft word forms
  • Youth sports leagues are an amazing way for your children to stay active, learn team-building skills, and just have some plain ol’ fun. However, sometimes the difficulty lies in both getting more kids to sign up and getting their parents involved. If you’re running a youth sports league this season, here are some tips for how to get higher attendance rates. 

    youth sports leagues

  • The meal that we have been waiting all year for (or is that just me?) is almost on the table. Thanksgiving is a time for feeling thankful for friends and family, and filling up on too much turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. It’s also a time where companies organize time off for employees, wrap up projects and deadlines before the holiday, process orders, and perhaps jump on the bandwagon with a Black Friday sale for their customers. All of these activities can be organized and streamlined with online forms. Check out these spirited (and free!) Thanksgiving themed online forms that you can edit and use.

  • Donation season is officially here. And no matter what your nonprofit does, it helps when people open up their wallets to support your cause.

    But the challenge with donation season is that it’s donation season for every nonprofit, and there’s only so much money to go around. You’re competing with thousands of organizations needing the same help as you, so how do you stand out from the crowd when there’s so much money on the line?

    donation widgets
  • Keeping Your Uploads Secure

    November 02, 2016

    When people upload files using your forms, we store these files on our secure servers. We give them URLS that are impossible to guess. An example would be something like this:

    With security as one of our top priorities, we've implemented a new feature to increase protection of files uploaded to forms. Now, you can enable a feature on your account settings to instantly restrict your uploads to only be accessible while you are logged in.

    Restrict Uploads
  • Small businesses have to be the most strategic about which tools to employ to grow the company. When resources are scarce, taking advantage of free software is the best decision. Other times, your only options may cost a bit of money, but you can also get a lot of mileage out of them if you plan ahead.

    Here are our suggestions for free and inexpensive business tools that any small business can utilize.

  • Do you regularly read Entrepreneur for business advice? If you do, you might have noticed a certain online form building platform featured as one of the “Best Privately-Owned Companies in America” (Hint: it’s JotForm!). 

    The honor is meant to capture the spirit and reality of entrepreneurship at some of America’s most innovative and fastest-growing private companies. According to a news release from Entrepreneur, “JotForm boasts impressive management and culture, thanks to its solid leadership.” You’re going to make us blush, Entrepreneur

    Check out their JotForm spotlight here.

    entrepreneur 360

  • As the organizational driving force behind a company, human resource professionals need to be fluent in online forms. They should become familiar with an online form building software like JotForm, and know how to whip up an online form on the fly and keep track of data. JotForm allows you to drag and drop your way to a custom online form, customize it with your company logo and colors, and make it live and ready to receive submissions. 

    Submissions are automatically organized in your JotForm dashboard, and you can also set it up to instantly export the information to an Excel or Google spreadsheet, or other handy business tools.

    Here are some types of online forms that you can create to help your company streamline its workflows and collection of necessary information. 

  • Back in 1991, Adobe invented what has become known as the illustrious PDF form. Their goal was to be able to capture the look of any document and send a digital version of it to be viewed and printed out anywhere, by anyone. Fast forward to today, it’s a file format that’s used around the world because it allows people to send documents that look exactly the way they were created, without the possibility of the layout being distorted along the way. 

    pdf forms
  • There’s no question about the value that required form fields bring. They distinguish what information on your form you’d like to have versus what information you absolutely must have. In that sense, nothing prevents people from skipping necessary questions quite like it.

    However, like any good thing, it can be overused. And the last thing you want is too many required form fields and actually preventing visitors from filling out the form.

    Required Form Fields

  • Uploading files to a form from any storage system is now easier with JotForm’s new Uploadcare widget. Uploadcare seamlessly enables uploading, editing, and image posting to websites. It pulls files from your desktop, Facebook or Instagram accounts, or popular cloud solutions like Box or Dropbox. 

    Uploadcare widget

  • For many community and civic organizations, there is a need to collect payments from members throughout each year. From membership fees to contributions for members-only events, payments need to be collected easily, with as little overhead as possible.

  • If you’re a business trying to market to parents, you’re mainly looking at Generation Y, or Millennials. This group of people has a unique set of interests and understanding them will help you better address them. Millennials grew up on technology so they’re used to getting results quickly and efficiently, whether that’s at work or at home. And over the last few years, it seems like personality quizzes have become a viral trend. Maybe it’s because they’re fun. Or maybe it’s because they give us a different perspective on our journey of self discovery. Huffington Post calls it narrative psychology. By keeping these tendencies in mind, you can put together an effective strategy for marketing to young parents.

    how to market to busy parents
  • If you use Egnyte as part of your document cloud storage, you’ll be excited that you can now connect a JotForm form to your Egnyte account. 

    With our new Egnyte integration app, your customers can attach documents, such as an employment application or resume, from within your JotForm forms. If you want to automatically retrieve and send a document based on how your customer responds to a form question, such as a price sheet or product brochure, you can use Egnyte to manage that content, too. 

    jotform and egnyte

  • WCET (CET) is Cincinnati’s PBS TV station, broadcasting educational videos across a region of more than 2 million people in Southwest Ohio -- think classics like Sesame Street, Curious George, and PBS NewsHour. About 60 people work for the station, which also runs the local broadcasting for Dayton about 50 miles north of Cincinnati. 

    WCET Cincinnati

  • At JotForm, we’re not only looking for ways to make form building easy, but also form submitting. Our library of widgets offers dozens of add-ons to make your form more professional, stylish, and easier to fill out for your visitors. Below are five popular widgets that will help improve your form’s response rate immediately. 

    form widgets

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